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William Tyndale Quotes

William Tyndale gave his live for the cause of the Protestant Reformation. He was passionate about getting the Scriptures into the language of the common people. He is not quoted as often as other more famous reformers like Martin Luther or John Calvin. However, his influence on the Reformation can not be marginalized. I hope you enjoy these William Tyndale quotes.

Ulrich Zwingli Quotes

Ulrich Zwingli was one of major forces that brought about the Protestant Reformation. The mighty man of God influenced the city of Zurich similar to the way that John Calvin dominated the city of Geneva. The two great reformers were closely associated with each other, although there are fewer Ulrich Zwingli quotes around today than there are Calvin quotes. I hope you will enjoy this collection of Ulrich Zwingli quotes from the great Swiss reformer.

John Wycliffe Quotes

John Wycliffe is considered to be Morningstar of the Protestant Reformation. He was one of the first to openly oppose the Catholic church and boldly declare his convictions. We have accumulated a collection of John Wycliffe quotes here. While he is not cited nearly as often as some of the more well-known reformers like Luther and Calvin, the John Wycliffe quotes listed below were instrumental in guiding later reformers in their stand against apostasy.

John Calvin Quotes

We have attempted to compile the most complete list of John Calvin quotes available today

Martin Luther Quotes

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